Will Stroet's Yukon Tour
to benefit Every Student, Every Day (May 2017)
Students who miss 20 days of school each year
beginning in Kindergarten miss the equivalent
of a full school year by the end of Grade 8."
- Yukon Education
“I am so proud of our community as we
come together to help every
Yukon student attend school every day.”
- John McConnell
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Every Student, Every Day is Victoria Gold Corp.’s charitable initiative, which works with the community to raise awareness and funds to support increased student attendance throughout the Yukon.

We are passionate in our goal to help Yukon students attend school regularly. Supporting success in their learning and in their lives is at the heart of everything we do.

Guided by the volunteer, not-for-profit Victoria Gold Yukon Student Encouragement Society, since its establishment in the fall of 2012, Every Student, Every Day has raised and distributed over $300,000 to directly support more than 70 grass-roots student attendance projects in our territory’s schools and communities.

Every Student, Every Day works in partnership with Yukon Education, Air North, Yukon’s Airline, CKRW, The Rush, Victoria Gold Banyan Gold Corp. and many other committed private sector and community partners and together, we are dedicated to helping alleviate absenteeism in our territory’s classrooms.

President’s Message

“In 2012, when representatives from Victoria Gold Corp. and the territorial government came together to discuss how we, as proud Yukoners, could help increase student attendance rates in classrooms throughout the territory, the Victoria Gold Yukon Student Encouragement Society’s Every Student, Every Day charitable fund was born.

In five short years, our efforts through Every Student, Every Day are demonstrating positive, tangible results in schools from Old Crow to Watson Lake and Mayo to Whitehorse.

We know that one of the most important things our territory’s students can do is also one of the most basic: go to school every day.

Working together as a community to encourage regular school attendance is one of the most powerful ways we can prepare our children for success – both in school and in life. By making school attendance a priority, we are helping Yukon students get better grades, develop healthy life habits, avoid dangerous behavior and have an improved chance of graduating from high school.

On behalf of the Society’s volunteer board and Every Student, Every Day, we extend sincere thanks to all our partners and champions for their generous support. We look forward to another year of fundraising and meaningful engagement activities throughout the territory so that every Yukon student can attend school every day”.

– Tara Christie
Victoria Gold Yukon Student Encouragement Society

‘As my young daughter starts on her school journey, a successful experience in the classroom for her – and for all students – resonates deeply with my family and with our entire Victoria team.

By supporting increased student attendance through Every Student, Every Day, we are setting Yukon students up for a strong future. We are helping them feel more connected to their community, develop important social skills and friendships and of course, be more likely to graduate from high school.

As Victoria’s Eagle Gold Project northwest of Mayo has now begun construction on the path to operation, employment opportunities at the site have increased significantly and we want all Yukoners to be able to access them.

For this to happen however, we all must come together as a community to help keep our territory’s children in school from their first day of Kindergarten through to high school graduation.

Victoria Gold appreciates the dedication of Every Student, Every Day’s committed volunteers and the fund’s government and industry partners and is proud to be part of this very important initiative.”

– John McConnell
President & CEO
Victoria Gold Corp.

“The Government of Yukon is proud of the education partnership we have with the Victoria Gold Yukon Student Encouragement Society and the champions who support student engagement. A big thank-you to the staff, school councils, First Nations and community members who have participated in Every Student, Every Day projects.

Through partnerships like Every Student, Every Day, we are helping to ensure all Yukon students can receive the benefits and opportunities that come from education.

Students who attend school regularly tend to get better grades. They practice work habits that can benefit them throughout their lives. In addition to academic achievement, regular attendance helps students develop time management and organizational skills. It fosters positive peer relationships and social responsibility.

Every Student, Every Day projects are developed by schools and community partners to address specific needs and improve attendance and engagement.

A big thank-you also to our educators and our partners for building strong and supportive school communities by meeting student needs and by creating positive and inclusive environments.”

Hon. Tracy-Anne McPhee
Yukon Education

Our Legacy Partners

Event Sponsors

How You Can Help Encourage Our Yukon Students

Your generous donations allow Every Student, Every Day to benefit grassroots, community-driven projects to increase student attendance and success in Yukon schools.

There are numerous sponsorship opportunities and benefits to provide you and your company or organization with deserving profile and recognition as you support the fund and truly change the lives of Yukon students.

We would look forward to working with you to select a sponsorship opportunity best suited to you and your company or are happy to create a brand new, tailored opportunity that best reflects your organization.

To discuss sponsorship opportunities and benefits, please contact info@everystudenteveryday.ca

Thank you for your support! 



Donations can be made here online or via cheque or credit card to the Victoria Gold Yukon Student Encouragement Society.


The Victoria Gold Yukon Student Encouragement Society relies on the time and talents that volunteers contribute to our events each year.

There are numerous opportunities available.

To learn more, please contact info@everystudenteveryday.ca


Each spring, Yukon Education distributes Every Student, Every Day’s application for funding and a selection committee made up of department representatives, educators and Every Student, Every Day champions reviews the submissions and awards funding for the upcoming school year.

Since the first $50,000 was raised, awarded and distributed to student attendance initiative projects in April 2013, a further $200,000 has been raised and distributed to directly support over 35 grassroots projects.


Some heartening and heart-warming highlights over the past five years include Every Student, Every Day projects from Old Crow to Watson Lake (and almost every Yukon community in between).

Most importantly, five years of project funding has clearly revealed that Every Student, Every Day, and your ongoing commitment to our volunteer efforts, is producing tangible and positive results, which are helping to keep our students, in school, every day.

Early Motivation

In Every Student, Every Day’s initial year, which awarded funds totaling $50,000 to 11 projects in schools across the territory, 64 per cent of the schools that received funding demonstrated improved attendance compared to the previous year spurring us on to continue building partnerships to keep our students in school.

High School Shows High Results

One example during the 2014-2015 school year, was an Every Student, Every Day funded initiative at F.H. Collins High School in Whitehorse, which demonstrated a 36 per cent increase in attendance in only one year.


100 Per Cent Improvement

In the 2015-2016 school year, 10 out of 10 schools that received Every Student, Every Day funding demonstrated increased attendance. Projects that year included Tantalus School in Carmacks, Elijah Smith, Selkirk and Jack Hulland Elementary Schools in Whitehorse, Watson Lake Secondary School, Eliza Van Bibber School in Pelly Crossing, the Individual Learning Centre and Porter Creek and F.H. Collins Secondary Schools in Whitehorse.


Continued Encouragement

The results of the fourth year continued to be encouraging with eight of eight Yukon schools that received Every Student, Every Day funding reporting improved student attendance.

According to the Individual Learning Centre, which received funding that year:

“Based on the participation levels of ILC student, the staff at the ILC sees this (its Every Student, Every Day funded project) as having been a very beneficial initiative. Student attendance, concentration and engagement in their studies improved.”


Looking Forward

During Yukon Education Week this past April, another $50,000 was awarded to 15 student attendance initiatives across the territory, of 22 submitted. We are encouraged by the increasing number and quality of proposals submitted and look forward to the results of the projects funded last spring, which are currently being implemented during this 2017-2018 school year.

Every Student, Every Day student attendance initiative funding is available to schools, education partners, community groups and Yukon First Nations throughout the territory.

For more information about how to apply each spring, please reach out to info@everystudenteveryday.ca

Contact Us

To Learn More:

Victoria Gold Yukon Student Encouragement Society

250 – 2237 2nd Avenue Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 0K7

E-Mail: info@everystudenteveryday.ca